Our Eggs

Our eggs are collected from the hen house frequently throughout each day and collected every day of the year.

Once collected, we then grade every egg we sell, this ensures that all eggs are individually checked before being boxed.

Eggs are graded for quality and size. They pass through a Candler where they are illuminated to identify any hairline cracks or imperfections. Eggs which have passed through quality control enter an automatic weighing machine to be individually graded.

There are four sizes: Very Large (73 grams and over), Large (63-72 grams), Medium (53-62 grams) and Small (less than 53 grams).

We supply eggs both pre-packed and on Keyes trays. Our eggs are packed in fibre pre-packs that both are egg friendly and eye-catching. We pack mainly in half dozens but dozen egg boxes are also available.

With deliveries six days a week, you can be assured our eggs are some of the freshest and tastiest eggs around. Not only do our eggs taste wonderful, but they are also economical and healthy. The whites contain essential protein and the yolks are rich in vitamins A, D, E and K.

Our eggs can be found in a variety of hotels, pubs, butchers, farm shops, catering establishments and other retail outlets.