Our Hens

Our hens come from RSPCA approved rearers and have been tested to ensure they are disease-free. The hens are vaccinated twice against salmonella, once at 12 weeks and again at 16 weeks. Independent inspectors carry out regular inspections of both hygiene and animal welfare.

The modern system of free range combines traditional farming philosophy with the latest technology to ensure efficiency, quality control and rapid delivery of fresh free range eggs. There is no overcrowding and so less stress.

The hens can pop out at any time during the day and ‘free range’ through ‘pop’ holes on the sides of the houses. This tends to be for most of the day, especially during fine weather. On wetter occasions, they very sensibly opt for warmth and dryness.

Our hens have access to 50 acres of land to roam freely across during daylight hours. When dusk falls we put all the hens in their house to protect them from predators. The hen house is modern and airy, specifically designed for free range hens.

There is a scratching floor area in each hen house which goes a long way towards keeping the birds happy. The remaining floor is raised off the ground allowing droppings to pass through, thus maintaining hygiene.

We have planted thousands of trees as natural range enrichment which the birds love to scratch and shelter under.

The hens are fed on a wholesome, natural, vegetarian diet, with no added antibiotics or hormones. There are plenty of fresh water drinkers and ample feeding stations. They also love to go pecking around in the trees and bushes, looking for worms, berries or anything they would naturally eat in the wild. The cover provided by the undergrowth also gives them a sense of security.

Fresh water, high quality feed and bedding, together with the freedom to scratch and dust-bathe outdoors in a natural environment, all help to keep our birds happy and contented, ensuring that they lay lots of really tasty eggs for our customers to enjoy.